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Embrace the Cozy Season with Laurie's Grain-Free Pantry Bundle

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Grain-Free Pantry Bundle

Hey there, as the leaves start turning golden and that crisp autumn air sets in, you can't help but feel the irresistible charm of fall. It's all about snuggly sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and, of course, treating yourself to some seriously delicious comfort food. Well, guess what? At Laurie's Grain-Free Bakehouse, we're thrilled to introduce something that will make your fall cooking and baking adventures absolutely amazing – it's called the Laurie's Grain-Free Pantry Bundle.

Picture this: everything you need to whip up your favorite fall dishes, from savory dinners to mouthwatering desserts, all conveniently in one place.

Let's get into the goodies you'll find in this bundle:

Panko Breadcrumbs: Add a Perfect Crunch

Made from our freshly baked bread

Delicate panko breadcrumbs for that extra crunch

Stuffing Bread Cubes: Embrace Fall Comfort

Meticulously crafted from our freshly baked bread for exceptional quality

Versatile for sweet and savory dishes

Grain-Free All-Purpose Flour: Baking Made Easy

One-to-one substitute in your favorite recipes

Flatbread Pizza Mix: Pizza Night, Simplified

Just add water for a quick and tasty homemade pizza

Brownie Mix: Sweet Bliss Anytime

Irresistible treat perfect for dessert or a midday indulgence

Dietary-Friendly: Suitable for Various Lifestyles

Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, and coconut-free

Long Shelf Life: Enjoy at Your Own Pace

Shelf life of 12 months when unopened

Dedicated to Your Well-Being: Made with Care

Crafted in a dedicated grain, gluten, and nut-free facility

So, as you embrace the cozy vibes of fall, make sure to stock your pantry with these essentials and experience the delicious flavors and versatility of our products. It's a taste of fall you won't want to miss!


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