I'm Laurie and this is my son, co-worker and best friend, Elijah. 

Our story begins about 24 years ago...

The birth of my son changed my life forever, literally.  Shortly after his birth I began to rapidly lose weight and became pretty sick. I found out I couldn't eat wheat, gluten or dairy. Gluten-free options were minimal back then and nutritious options were unheard of. That's when the experimenting began. 

First it was Christmas cookies and birthday cupcakes.  Slowly it evolved into flour blends, muffins, pound cakes and breads. In 2005 a family business was born with over 50 products in stores nationwide and online. 


In 2010 life threw us a curve... at the height of our success we realized we could no longer eat the food we were making. Pain, inflammation and severe adrenal fatigue became debilitating. 

Grains simply had to go.

We shut the bakery down and spent the next 3 years recreating all of our recipes. Our new products were now free from grains, gluten, dairy and nuts. We also introduced a vegan bread line completely free from added sugars, fats and soy.  We re-opened the bakery in 2013 and Laurie's Grain-Free Bakehouse was born.

We founded this bakery to help meet needs - a need to be healthy, to feel good and to enjoy life. Most importantly, it was built on love and continues to be. 


Join us as we live happier, healthier, grain-free lives.

Laurie & Elijah

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