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Begin Again

Begin again. I love the sound of that! Begin again. Sometimes life can deal us some pretty heavy blows. It can be hard to pick yourself up and keep going. So, what happens when it does? What should you do?

First, remember that you are not the sum of your circumstances. You are so much more than that! You have a destiny, given to you by God, your creator—who loves you so much more than you could ever know. Your future is secure in Him, no matter what roads you take, how many times you fail, or what opportunities you've missed. Ask Him for the wonderful life He planned for you—it's His greatest joy to give it to you.

Second, we can choose. Your choices determine most things in your life. The time you chose to eat out and got heartburn as a result, or the time you chose to stay in and binge watch Netflix and avoided those slippery roads. Or maybe it was the time you decided to say hello to the person who would become your lifelong love. Whatever you decide, and wherever it leads, just remember ... you can always change course. You're not stuck! We serve a God who loves to rescue us and help us course correct.

Third, reach. Reach for God and ask Him for help. Did you mess up? Repent and ask for forgiveness. Did you hurt someone? Apologize. Did someone hurt you? Forgive them and let it go. Sure, some of these things may take a little time to process and heal from, but it's not only possible, it's necessary in order to move on.

Fourth, take the leap. What's been staring you in the face that you're too afraid to do? Leave the job you hate to pursue your passion? Start a business or maybe a family? Move somewhere that inspires you to get up every day? Whatever it is, just know that you're not alone. Every time you leap, Jesus leaps with you. You will never get to where you want to be without first deciding to leave where you are. Leaping takes faith and courage. It means staring fear in the face and doing it anyway. You can do this! Your new life is waiting on the other side.

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