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  • Elevate your dining experience with Laurie's Grain-Free Artisan Baguettes.


    Handcrafted to perfection, these gluten-free wonders redefine premium bread.


    Experience a delicate balance of crispiness and chewiness, ideal for the discerning palate.


    Our baguettes are also an excellent choice for creating stunning charcuterie boards, pairing effortlessly with brie, pate, soft cheeses, dipping oils, and more to impress your guests.


    Taste the difference in every bite – pure ingredients, gluten-free, grain-free perfection.


    FREEZER LIFE: 6 months


    SHELF LIFE: Up to 5 Days




    FREE FROM: Grains, Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soy


    You'll receive (12) individually packaged Baguettes.

    Grain-Free Artisan Baguettes

    $59.95 Regular Price
    $56.95Sale Price
    • Ingredients: Whole Navy Bean Flour, Potato Starch, Water, Arrowroot Flour, Chia Seed Flour, Baking Powder (Cream of Tartar, Baking Soda, Potato Starch) Yeast, Sugar (to activate yeast), Guar Gum, and Salt

      Made in a dedicated gluten/dairy/nut free facility.


    • There are no returns on perishable items.  Please contact us with any problems you may have and we will do our best to assist you.

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