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Creative Assistant for Faith-Based Fiction Media Division

Lansing, NY, USA

Job Type

Part-Time, Unpaid



About the Role

As a volunteer Creative Assistant, you will be an integral part of our fiction media division. Your diverse role will include assisting in worldbuilding for captivating narratives, providing valuable feedback as a beta reader, brainstorming fresh ideas, editing digital art to enhance our visual storytelling, and participating in playtesting and designing our fantasy card game. Your creativity and input will shape the heart of our faith-based content and help us connect with our audience in a profound way.


• Worldbuilding Assistance: Collaborate with us to develop intricate and captivating fictional worlds that align with our faith-based themes. Contribute imaginative elements, such as unique cultures, histories, and landscapes, to enrich our narratives.

• Beta Reading and Feedback: Provide thoughtful and constructive feedback as a beta reader for our written works. Help identify plot holes, character development opportunities, and overall story coherence.

• Brainstorming Sessions: Participate in brainstorming sessions with our team to generate fresh and innovative ideas for current and future projects. Embrace a spirit of creativity and openness to explore unique storytelling concepts.

• Digital Art Editing: Utilize your artistic skills to edit and enhance digital art assets, ensuring they align with the vision of our faith-based fiction media division. Your contributions will elevate the visual storytelling and immerse our audience in captivating visuals.

• Playtesting and Game Design: Playtest and provide valuable insights into the mechanics and gameplay of our fantasy card game. Collaborate with the game development team to refine game rules and create an engaging and immersive gaming experience.


Required Skills:

  • Enthusiasm for creative storytelling and fiction media.

  • Proficiency in providing constructive feedback and beta reading manuscripts.

  • Intermediate digital art and fantasy art editing skills (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Canva).

  • A strong interest in fantasy card games and game mechanics.

Desirable Traits:

While not mandatory, the following traits would be considered an asset:

  • Creative flair and a passion for imaginative worldbuilding.

  • Strong communication skills to contribute to brainstorming sessions effectively.

  • Familiarity with faith-based, Christian themes in storytelling.

Time Requirements and Availability:

The internship at Laurie's Grain-Free Bakehouse is a part-time position, requiring approximately 8-10 hours per week. The internship duration will span 3 months, with the possibility of extension based on performance and availability. We understand the importance of work-life balance and will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Facility Rules and Values:

As an intern at Laurie's Grain-Free Bakehouse, we expect you to adhere to the following rules and values:

  • Faith-Centered Approach: Respect and embody our faith-based environment, promoting love, compassion, and the teachings of Christianity in all creative endeavors.

  • Integrity: Uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all your interactions.

  • Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive and uplifting attitude, contributing to a harmonious work atmosphere.

About the Company

Welcome to the new hybrid digital/physical faith-based fiction media division of Laurie's Grain-Free Bakehouse. As a faith-based, Christian, Spirit-led, family-run company, we are excited to embark on this creative journey to share inspiring stories and imaginative content with our community. We are seeking a passionate and dedicated volunteer Creative Assistant to assist in various creative tasks, including worldbuilding, beta reading, brainstorming, digital art editing, fantasy card game playtesting, and design. Join us in creating meaningful and uplifting content that reflects our values and inspires others.

If you have a passion for creativity, storytelling, and making a positive impact through faith-based content, we invite you to apply for the Creative Assistant role.

How to Apply:
Please send your portfolio and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in the internship, how your values align with ours, and any relevant experience to We eagerly await your application and look forward to embarking on this creative journey together!

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