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Epicenter House of Prayer

Welcome to the Epicenter House of Prayer.


We are a group of born-again believers who are filled with the Holy Spirit, believe in the infallible word of God, the power of ​prayer, and the strength that comes from joining together, standing in the Courts of Heaven, and interceding on behalf of each other,

our area, our nation, and the world, according to Isaiah 56:7. 

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Our Mission


Laurie and her son, Elijah, founded

the Epicenter H.O.P. to bring together people

of all ages & walks of lifewho desire to answer the call to prayer, bring healing to the hurting, and help facilitate positive change in the world.


If you would like to join

the Epicenter H.O.P, click here. 





We are partnered with Robert Henderson Ministries

and GPEC House of Prayer International.

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Elijah Cole, Co-Founder of the Epicenter House of Prayer