Intro to The Impyrion Chronicles Part III - The Characters

Updated: Feb 3

Hello again!

In this post, we will be covering the characters and primary factions of the Impyrion Chronicles, establishing a clear understanding of the heroes, villains, and everything in between.

— The Heroes —

As the name would suggest, the Impyrion are the heroes of our series. They are the guardians of Vallus, imbued with the might and power of Ethos, which manifests itself in a host of extraordinary powers. They stand for everything good in the universe, battling against the forces of darkness, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

The Impyrion are not the only heroes to be found, however, and—as you'll see with characters like Tanyx—heroes can arise from many, unlikely places.

— The Villains —

You'll likely find the name "Ferrax" is synonymous with war and villainy in the early stories. While the history of the Ferraxian people isn't exactly black and white, their leadership was solely responsible for unleashing the tyranny upon Vallus that prompted the Praetorian War... an event that left many in the universe with wounds they have yet to fully heal from.

As one might expect, the Ferraxian military is a mighty force, led by Surav Serva, the last of the Grand Generals. His ambition knows no bounds, and he is determined to see the great Ferraxian Empire rise again—at any cost.

Though the Ferrax are not the only threat on the horizon. Darkness lurks in every corner of Vallus, threats both new and old... waiting to rise again.

— Character Spotlight - Lamiya Tanyx —

Name: Lamiya Tanyx

Race: Ferraxian

Homeworld: Svarha

Age: 23 Earth-Years

Physical: 5'5," humanoid-feline, blue eyes, auburn hair

Occupation: Fleet Admiral of The Vanquisher

Personality: Brave, kind, soft-spoken, loyal, honor-bound

Of all the characters that I've written, Tanyx is easily one of my favorites. She's a Ferrax by blood, but an Impyrion at heart. This duality is one of the things that makes her so unique—and causes her so much internal conflict, as she's often torn between loyalty to her people, or what she knows is right. She is ultimately living proof that neither your present nor your past determines who you are. Rather, it's the values you live by that determine your capacity for greatness.

I hope you've enjoyed this three-part look into The Impyrion Chronicles. Rest assured, there will be much more to see. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to our email list and keep a close eye on your inbox. The first short story will be arriving soon, and I can't wait for you all to read it!

See you in the Quantiverse!

Elijah C.

© 2021 Elijah C. Cole

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