Intro to The Impyrion Chronicles Part I - Vision & Purpose

Updated: Feb 3

Hi everyone!

In this post, I'd like to take a few moments to introduce you to my new book series, the Impyrion Chronicles.

The Impyrion Chronicles series is set firmly in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I am a lover of many franchises within that realm like Star Wars, Marvel, and Lord of The Rings, to name a few, so naturally, my world is inspired by those that came before.

I've taken bits and pieces of everything I love and put my own spin on it, crafting a universe filled with immersive worlds, rich characters, and deeply-meaningful stories.

Stories should inspire. They should seek to remind those who read them what's truly important.

In my series, you will find stories of triumph, good versus evil, honor, bravery, faith, redemption, love, sacrifice, and family. These are the values that I'm deeply passionate about.

Here is what you won't find:

  • Vulgar language

  • Profanity (except for the fictional kind, of course)

  • Lewd or adult content of any kind

  • Excessive or gory violence

  • Politically or racially-controversial content

The reason for this is simple. I believe the inclusion of any such thing would be a tremendous detriment to the stories I'm trying to tell. My intent is to create a universe that all ages will be able to enjoy, with virtuous, morally-sound characters that children and young adults can learn from. Above all, these stories are meant to bring people together. This will always be the case—no exceptions.

In the next post, I'll be giving you a brief introduction of the worlds and atmosphere of the Impyrion Chronicles, setting the stage for the stories to come.

See you in the Quantiverse!

Elijah C.

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