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Updated: Feb 3

Greetings everyone!

For those of you who might not have read my last three posts, I would recommend you go back and read those before continuing to the content below, as it lays out a foundation for things to come. You can find a link to the first one here.

Below is the first short story for the Impyrion Chronicles—the first of four centered around Lamiya Tanyx, one of my main characters. I hope you enjoy it!

See you in the Quantiverse!

"Tanyx and The Nulavi"

A Short Story by Elijah Cole

Tanyx grasped the covers of her bed with shaking hands, wrapping the soft, fur-lined blanket over her head as the rain beat down outside her window. She peeked her timid eyes over its edge, hoping—praying the roaring tempest outside would near its end, but it still had much left to say. She blinked her eyes shut as flashes of blue-violet filled the room and pulled her feline ears flat when thunder’s rolling boom shook the air moments later.

“Can’t sleep?”

Tanyx slowly nodded, opening her eyes, the soothing sound of her mother’s voice lifting her—if only a little—from the waves of worry and unrest that threatened to pull her under.

The Ferraxian woman tipped her head, donning an assuring smile as she crossed the room and sat gingerly on the side of the bed.

Tanyx jumped as another crash of thunder rattled her ears. She let out a whimper, burying herself in her mother’s arms.

“It’s alright, little Lami… It’s just a storm,” She said, running her hand over Tanyx’s head as she held her tight. “How about I tell you a story?”

“W-what kind of story?” She sniffed, looking up with a mix of fear and curiosity in her teary eyes.

“A story about a storm, much like this one,” She said, fluffing Tanyx’s billowool pillow and tucking her snugly under her covers. “And a beautiful bird, clad in feathers of pearl and gold.”

“The Nulavi?” Tanyx’s eyes brightened, the faint beginnings of a smile on her face.

Her mother laughed, running her fingers behind Tanyx’s ear. “Yes, the Nulavi…” She sat up further on the bed, turning to face the snug little Ferrax. “Once, there was a beautiful bird, wrapped in feathers of pearl, and crowned in shimmering gold… They said when it soared high above the Samayan Plains, its wings glistened like jewels in the morning sun, and all would come from far and wide to marvel at its splendor… But one day, a terrible storm swept over the plains. Its lightning crashed, and thunder rolled. Its rain and gales battered the trees. And, worst of all, its dark clouds filled the sky, so not a ray of sun could be seen. This storm was a problem for the Nulavi, as its food was in the valley to the east, but if it flew in such rain-drenched winds, it would surely drown.”

“Oh no… W-what did it do?” Tanyx asked, thoroughly enthralled in her mother’s tale.

“Something remarkable.” She smiled, a glimmer of wonder in her bright blue eyes. “The Nulavi flew from the wind-blown trees, the rain glancing off its wings as it climbed through the downpour, struggling to stay aloft in the sea of clouds. But then, just as the sky looked its worst, an incredible thing happened… Do you know what it was?”

Tanyx shook her head, eyes wide with bated breath as she waited to hear what came next.

“It broke straight through the clouds, its wings filled by the winds that rushed above the tempest sea, where it soared faster… and farther, than ever before.” She leaned down, giving Tanyx a soft kiss on her forehead. “Don’t ever fear the storms, little Lami. You can always rise above them… The sun will find you again.”

Tanyx looked up at her mother. Peace washed over her, and her eyelids fell heavy. Though the storm still raged, she was safe. She was loved.

“Dream big, my love… Dream big.”

© 2021 Elijah C. Cole

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