The Story of Laurie's Grain-Free
Bakehouse & Sweeterie:

Laurie Geis, Founder of Laurie's Grain-Free
  • 1997 - Laurie developed severe health issues after her son Elijah was born. She discovered she had gluten intolerance and her diet needed to change drastically.
  • 1998 - Laurie began to research & formulate gluten-free recipes to replace all the foods she had given up.
  • 2005 - Le Garden Bakery was born - a very successful & popluar gluten-free bakery that specialized in the production of European style breads & confections free of gluten, dairy & nuts.
  • 2009 - Laurie enrolled in The American College of Healthcare Sciences Holistic Health Practitioners degree program with a major in nutrition.  It was her desire to grow her knowledge of whole body health, wellness & nutrition.  
  • 2011 - Armed with the newfound knowledge she had aquired at college, Laurie shut Le Garden down in order to re-formulate all of her recipes & develope new ones.  The new line-up would be completely free of grains, dairy & nuts & would be overall healthier than what was available on the market.
  • 2013 - With great anticipation, Laurie's Grain-Free Bakehouse & Sweeterie was opened with a completely new product-line and a new name.  All of the bread products were now Vegan as well as free from grains, nuts & soy plus they had the health benefit of being fat free, low in sodium & sugar.  All of Laurie's sweets were now free from grains and nuts, some were soy-free and some vegan.
  • 2018 - Current - Laurie's Grain-Free continues to expand into the marketplace bringing delicious, gourmet, grain-free foods to the market for all to enjoy.


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